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Here is the guide on why portfolio/ portraits photographers should hire a photo studio -

Shooting outdoors or in a public space is very challenging. You need to be able to work with different light conditions, weather changes, curious crowds, and loud traffic – all of which are outside your control. You may even need to deal with onlookers snapping pictures of the shoot and leaking them on social media. Overall, the experience is stressful for all parties involved and this can affect your productivity.

And most important thing is BMC permission and Police permission which may take a toll on your pocket. And if you skip the permission then there are high chances of getting caught which may further apply a huge fine. Whereas renting a budget-friendly studio for a portfolio shoot is always a good idea.

Renting a photo studio eliminates these hassles and allows you to maintain focus on your photo assignment. You won’t need to stop shooting because of rain or because of sudden loud traffic. A rented photo studio is anytime better than shooting in chaos. Because it is optimized for your specific needs. This means you can make the most of your day and be able to produce a good output.

When shooting outdoors or in a public space, you’ll be exposed to the elements. Additionally, restrooms could be far away which means that if you or anyone needs to take a restroom break, it can eat up valuable time and break the momentum. You might also need to either rent equipment for private changing rooms or create make-shift ones with materials on-hand. It’s these little things that get in the way of the creative process.

On the other hand, by renting a photo studio, you get to experience essential comforts such as temperature control, personalized make-up room and changing room, and private restrooms.

We at Siddhidatri Studio, Goregaon East, Mumbai have created customized studio space for all your photography needs.

  • The working area or set up for the shoot.
  • Storage area for props, costumes, or equipment on stand-by
  • Changing room and makeup room.
  • Waiting lounge for a crew.
  • Separate washrooms for artists and the crew.
  • Smoking zone or break area.

Siddhidatri Studio is well equipped and highly recommended for portfolio shoots, Look tests, auditions, Casting, fashion photography, product shoot, kid photography, maternity shoot, couple portraits, test shoots, and digital films. The studio space is very calm and clean. Our staff is very friendly and hardworking.

We offer a discount for 8 hours shift. If you are a beginner photographer looking for a budget-friendly studio or studio hire on an hourly basis. If you are a professional photographer wanting to rent a studio on low budget please get in touch with us.

Book Siddhidatri Studio for hassle-free photoshoots. Call on 969 969 2222

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Why choose Siddhidatri studio for all your Photography & Video requirement?

We are a fully equipped studio with experienced professionals and in-house team that provides an end-to-end solution.

  • Space - Siddhidatri Studio 1200 Sq Ft Space
  • wifi - Siddhidatri Studio High-Speed WiFi With Printer
  • Meeting - Siddhidatri Studio Make Shift Meeting Tables & Chairs
  • Air-Conditioned - Siddhidatri Studio Fully Air-Conditioned
  • Photography - Siddhidatri Studio Colored Backgrounds For Photography
  • Power Supply - Siddhidatri Studio 3 Phase Power Supply
  • Props - Siddhidatri Studio Props
  • Parking Space - Siddhidatri Studio 3 Parking Space
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