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Siddhidatri Studio near Malad is great shooting space for Fashion portfolio, Product shoot and Auditions. It is very nearby from Goregaon east station. It is ideal photography studio for photographers staying nearby Borivali, Kandivali, Malad, Goregaon, Jogeshwari, Andheri. It is budget friendly studio on rent for beginner photographer and photography student to practice their craft.

Renting a photo studio can be little expensive. A lot of photographers choose to shoot outdoors due to budget constraints and the fear of stepping into a studio. However, there are many benefits of renting a studio.

Don't get me wrong, the outdoors is great, but to my opinion, renting a photo studio provides more comfort. A photo studio offers you certain amenities that you just can't get outdoors. Since not everyone can afford to own a studio, it makes all the more sense to simply rent one when you need it.


The biggest advantage of shooting in a rental studio is environmental control. Outdoors you have to worry about temperature, wind, rain. Even the light can be unpredictable. It can change from hard to soft with the movement of clouds.

When shooting in a studio you are sheltered from all those environmental variables and have full control. You can maintain consistency throughout your project, no matter how long it takes. Your light can remain identical from 6 a.m. all the way through to midnight if that is what it takes.

Usually when photographers think about adding variety to their portfolio they immediately think of outdoor settings. Different locations give you different looks, right?

Most studios contain a wide variety of props for you to use. You have all sorts of furniture such as stools, chairs, and even vintage pieces. There might be lamps, and fabrics, and desks for you to use.

Furthermore, studios are equipped with professional gear and equipment. Under normal circumstances all this gear might be out of most photographers’ budgets, but studios usually rent out equipment for a small fee which is included in a studio rent.

Outdoors you may have to deal with hot humid conditions, or on the opposite end, bitter cold winds. There may not be any comfortable seating or any food nearby. Renting a studio for your photoshoot comes with some pretty great creature comforts. There is usually a kitchen where you can make coffee and reheat some food. Studios are usually located close to restaurants where food and drink is readily available.

The bottom line is that renting a studio offers you a comfortable location where your mind can stay focused on producing quality work without any outside distractions. All members of the crew can stay comfortable the entire day.

Most studio owners, however, are very experienced photographers and eager to help. They are there to answer questions and offer some guidance if you need it.

Renting a studio space can be just as much a learning experience as it is a space to create. Studio owners have a wealth of knowledge.

Most owners and staff are also on hand to help with using equipment. It can be a great way to receive a quick crash course about how to properly and effectively use various lights and modifiers.

That’s why I always recommend photographers to rent a studio for their photoshoot. Siddhidatri Studio near Malad is budget friendly studio which is ideal for beginner photographer. You may visit to for further details or call on 969 969 2222 for inquiry.

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Why choose Siddhidatri studio for all your Photography & Video requirement?

We are a fully equipped studio with experienced professionals and in-house team that provides an end-to-end solution.

  • Space - Siddhidatri Studio 1200 Sq Ft Space
  • wifi - Siddhidatri Studio High-Speed WiFi With Printer
  • Meeting - Siddhidatri Studio Make Shift Meeting Tables & Chairs
  • Air-Conditioned - Siddhidatri Studio Fully Air-Conditioned
  • Photography - Siddhidatri Studio Colored Backgrounds For Photography
  • Power Supply - Siddhidatri Studio 3 Phase Power Supply
  • Props - Siddhidatri Studio Props
  • Parking Space - Siddhidatri Studio 3 Parking Space
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