Siddhidatri Studio - Budget Photography Studio on Rent at Goregaon East

If you are a photographer or videographer, you may have considered renting space at a photo studio. Perhaps you have more clients now and you’re trying to find a way to be as efficient as possible. Or, you’re dealing with more specific demands and you need a controlled environment to make it happen. Whatever your reason may be, renting a photo studio always gives you enough space to shoot, it is well-equipped for your assignment and it definitely provides peace of mind.

Renting a photo studio is always better than Guerilla shooting. It means when a photographer shoots photos in a location without permission to avoid certain charges, however, getting caught during the guerilla shoot can lead to steep fines that surpass the cost of the permit. The worst disadvantage of guerrilla shoot is, the photographer cannot concentrate on the photoshoot as it builds pressure of getting caught and finishing the shoot quickly. Plus there are other disturbances as well. In this case, the old adage “you can’t rush art” stands true.

By renting a photo studio, you can truly take your time with getting the “perfect shot.” Moreover, the process of renting a photo studio is faster and a lot more seamless than securing permits. Whatever fee you pay by renting a photo studio does not only give you the freedom from stress but also gives you added comforts and conveniences that you will not find anywhere else.

We at Siddhidatri Studio at Goregaon east offer you a budget-friendly package that meets your all business needs. You may either rent the studio on an hourly basis or book it for a shift. Siddhidatri Studio is the perfect place to shoot low-budget portfolio shoots or bulk e-commerce product shoots for a local business that does not have a sufficient budget to pay for a studio space. We understand your needs better and also support local businesses.

Siddhidatri Studio is well equipped and well maintained. The studio space is neat and clean. Our staff is friendly and polite and well trained to handle the latest equipment. As a photographer, it is your responsibility to make the client aware of the importance of renting a studio to produce good images.

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Why choose Siddhidatri studio for all your Photography & Video requirement?

We are a fully equipped studio with experienced professionals and in-house team that provides an end-to-end solution.

  • Space - Siddhidatri Studio 1200 Sq Ft Space
  • wifi - Siddhidatri Studio High-Speed WiFi With Printer
  • Meeting - Siddhidatri Studio Make Shift Meeting Tables & Chairs
  • Air-Conditioned - Siddhidatri Studio Fully Air-Conditioned
  • Photography - Siddhidatri Studio Colored Backgrounds For Photography
  • Power Supply - Siddhidatri Studio 3 Phase Power Supply
  • Props - Siddhidatri Studio Props
  • Parking Space - Siddhidatri Studio 3 Parking Space
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